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  Thread: slow ipxe menu
Post: RE: slow ipxe menu

(2019-06-21 11:20)NiKiZe Wrote:  by default iPXE is not compiled with serial. You might want to make sure there is no serial redirection or similar in BIOS enabled as well. Is this in pcbios mo...
Elementelist General 3 8,755 2019-06-21, 14:31
  Thread: slow ipxe menu
Post: slow ipxe menu

Hi all, I have a couple of POS computers that have a slow text output when ipxe is loaded after the dhcp request. When searching on the web i found a post that someone compiled serial console into ip...
Elementelist General 3 8,755 2019-06-21, 11:09
  Thread: Touchscreen support iPXE menu
Post: Touchscreen support iPXE menu

Hi Guys, Is there any possibility to compile ipxe with touch support for the menu? I have a lot of terminals with touchscreen and i would like to use this instead of connecting a keyboard. Someone me...
Elementelist General 1 5,703 2017-07-06, 15:59
  Thread: Synology iSCSI Windows install
Post: Synology iSCSI Windows install

Hi Guys, I am trying to install Windows on iSCSI but i am having some difficulties. Normally i boot up winpe with ipxe and map a network share with the installer on it and boot up the setup. When i a...
Elementelist General 1 7,800 2016-08-02, 15:36
  Thread: error at emulating drive (WinPE)
Post: error at emulating drive (WinPE)

Hi all, I am using iPXE for a while now and I am having some problems with a machine. When I change the IDE controller from IDE to AHCI the WinPE images freeze at: emulating drive 0x81 entering boot...
Elementelist General 5 14,619 2016-02-04, 12:13