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  Thread: sanboot on UEFI device
Post: sanboot on UEFI device

Hi everybody, I have really enjoyed the functionality of iPXE and am mostly done with my project but am having a slight hiccup near the end. I have a .ISO on an HTTP server that I want to be able to...
ivyfpop General 1 6,163 2019-07-19, 15:43
  Thread: Creating advanced snponly.efi in
Post: RE: Creating advanced snponly.efi in rom-o-matic.e...

(2019-07-03 06:55)NiKiZe Wrote:  You can use virtual machines, or even the windows 10 Linux subsystem to build iPXE If you insist on using rom-o-matic, then you might want to raise this at http...
ivyfpop General 3 10,885 2019-07-03, 14:59
  Thread: Creating advanced snponly.efi in
Post: Creating advanced snponly.efi in

Hi all, I am currently using the snponly.efi build image as I am pxe booting ESXi devices. It is working great with no issues but I am interested in using the "console" command with images so that I ...
ivyfpop General 3 10,885 2019-07-02, 15:19