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  Thread: ipxe.efi chain working?
Post: ipxe.efi chain working?

I get error when I try script added into ipxe Code: #!ipxe shell executed on the ipxe command line Code: dhcp set filename Boot/x64/wdsmgfw.efi chain tftp://${next-server}/${filename} Th...
skyman General 1 8,805 2015-07-24, 22:29
  Thread: Passing parameters to WinPE
Post: RE: Passing parameters to WinPE

If you were using PHP or ASP to create the iPXE boot script you could have it create a file with the information that winpe would then be able to get to.
skyman General 4 19,193 2013-05-02, 22:09
  Thread: [SOLVED] : iPXE and WDS Config
Post: RE: [SOLVED] : iPXE and WDS Config

This way works for me. cpuid --ext 29 && set arch x64 || set arch x86 set filename #set next-server # uncomment and replace with your wds ip if different than pxe/t...
skyman General 26 176,163 2013-05-02, 21:58
  Thread: architecture getting confused - wds chainloading
Post: RE: architecture getting confused - wds chainloadi...

you didn't say how you are chaining to wds. are you booting to or startrom.n12/com?
skyman General 9 32,393 2013-05-02, 21:51