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  Thread: Chainload ipxe script via PXE
Post: Chainload ipxe script via PXE

Hi, not even sure how to correctly title this thread. Here is my working scenario. I have an HTTP share that hosts an iPXE script, the same share also hosts the install files for esxi. In the px...
bishop General 1 7,935 2019-06-11, 02:20
Sad Thread: undionly ISO
Post: RE: undionly ISO

I was trying it because I I have run out of options. I tried the kpxe route but it is not booting. not sure why as I don't have control to see the setup
bishop General 2 7,358 2019-01-21, 18:13
  Thread: undionly ISO
Post: undionly ISO

Hi Is it possible to create an ISO file with just the undi\undionly driver ? I have run the command Code: make bin/undionly.iso It creates a file, but it is never able to initialize a network ca...
bishop General 2 7,358 2019-01-21, 18:00
  Thread: BMC5719 & ESXi
Post: RE: BMC5719 & ESXi

So this is the ID -> 14e4-1657 This is process I follow from start to point of failure. 1) Create a iPXE iso using make command with an embedded menu. this points to my http share that hosts the ...
bishop General 2 7,797 2019-01-19, 14:15
  Thread: BMC5719 & ESXi
Post: BMC5719 & ESXi

Hi I have a fairly complicated problem (for me at least). I have a DL380 Gen8 with a HP 331FLR (BMC5719). Here is a setup. I have a HTTP share (IIS). It has my esxi iso extracted. I then have a is...
bishop General 2 7,797 2019-01-19, 00:30
  Thread: UEFI\EFI confusion
Post: UEFI\EFI confusion

Hi I have the following requirement I need to make use of secure boot. Which to the best of my knowledge means I need to go down the EFI boot path. I will be install ESXi 6.5, and I need to cater fo...
bishop General 0 7,592 2018-10-30, 22:42
  Thread: QLogic\BMC 57810 driver issues
Post: QLogic\BMC 57810 driver issues

Hi All I have 2 servers one with and embedded nic and the other one has the nic in a PCI slot. he firmware on the nics is fairly close the embedded is xx.yy.63 and the PCI is xx.yy.75 Both servers ...
bishop General 2 10,903 2018-10-19, 00:48
  Thread: Broadcom Support
Post: RE: Broadcom Support

So I have done a little more fiddling, and come across some strange behavior. My NIC is an onboard quad port. If I enable network boot on any of the adapters cable connected or not, then iPXE is able ...
bishop General 7 22,343 2018-06-10, 17:17
  Thread: Broadcom Support
Post: RE: Broadcom Support

Hi So the PCIID is 14e4:1639 which I do not see on the hardware list. This is the command I ran to create the iso -> make bin/ipxe.iso. The research I have done on this forum so far, leads to b...
bishop General 7 22,343 2018-06-06, 02:11
  Thread: Broadcom Support
Post: Broadcom Support

Are broadcom adapters supported, I have some servers and no network device is being detected. Based on some of the searching in this forum it seems that broadcom is not supported ?
bishop General 7 22,343 2018-06-05, 03:47