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  Thread: efi_image_exec
Post: efi_image_exec

Hi, I was trying to chain boot an efi image. My setup is all like traditional PXE with snponly.efi as the PXE file. While chainloading an EFI file, I always fail at last_opened_snpdev() as it intern...
Game General 1 6,962 2013-07-26, 00:36
  Thread: Build structure and UEFI
Post: RE: Build structure and UEFI

Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply. But UEFI still would not support COM32? And so should not be linked? Thanks
Game General 4 15,881 2013-07-22, 15:10
  Thread: Build structure and UEFI
Post: Build structure and UEFI

Hi, Pardon me if I am wrong here, but from my understanding of UEFI, interrupt services are not supported there. Also from the ipxe code I see COM32 image format using interrupts. Don't read further...
Game General 4 15,881 2013-07-22, 02:11
  Thread: DNS problem
Post: RE: DNS problem

Just so that no one is stuck here.. The problem is indeed in https x509 validation. The code looks for the same name in the certificate; as the chain loading URL. In my case it was different.
Game General 4 22,811 2013-07-22, 02:00
  Thread: DNS problem
Post: DNS problem

Hi, I am setting up some chain loading environment (VMWare auto deploy) and I have the following: ---------------------------- iPXE 1.0.0+ (9361) -- Open Source Network Boot Firmware -- http://ipxe.or...
Game General 4 22,811 2013-07-01, 21:09