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  Thread: python & ipxe - syntax errors
Post: RE: python & ipxe - syntax errors

Thanks both of you. I have since gone back to mod_python. I gave up trying to get wsgi to execute/compile. Figured I would try the ipxe forum, as every other apache/python forum I went to had no ...
singularity42 General 4 12,435 2018-01-05, 13:46
  Thread: python & ipxe - syntax errors
Post: python & ipxe - syntax errors

I am setting up a new infrastructure. Previous one used mod_python with the following script to handle some python work and then pass it to ipxe. On the new setup I am using mod_wsgi and I can not ...
singularity42 General 4 12,435 2018-01-04, 15:41
  Thread: http download failures
Post: http download failures

I am attempting to pxe chain boot with http download. The problem I am having is the file retrieval always just stops on one of the random files below, at some random % complete. Usually it is the b...
singularity42 General 1 5,217 2016-07-26, 21:13