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second attempt DHCP failure
2017-09-01, 20:05 (This post was last modified: 2017-09-02 21:48 by jov0.)
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second attempt DHCP failure
I have a problem specific to at least i219lm-2. My iPXE image uses a trivial script that consists of a loop with the autoboot command. On the first attempt, assuming network availability etc, everything works without any issue. But if the autoboot or media detection times out and autoboot is restarted the dhcp discover packets never hit the wire. I have debug for dhcp enabled and I see that iPXE believes it is sending the packets, but a tcpdump on the server it is connected to sees no traffic. I tried removing the INTEL_NO_PHY_RST option based on another post here, but I did not observe any changes. The same image, usb built, works without any issue on other NICs like the 82567lm-2. They will loop until I reconnect the media and then instantly pull the expected DHCP configuration etc. Thoughts? As a work around I might just put the reboot command after autoboot.

These are the only changes I normally make when I build:

Build to include script
make bin/ipxe.usb EMBED=autobootloopscript.ipxe

autoboot || goto retry_boot

./src/config/general.h (enabled ELF, NBI, PXE, scripts, and bzimage support)
* Image types
* Etherboot supports various image formats. Select whichever ones
* you want to use.
#define IMAGE_NBI /* NBI image support */
#define IMAGE_ELF /* ELF image support */
//#define IMAGE_MULTIBOOT /* MultiBoot image support */
#define IMAGE_PXE /* PXE image support */
#define IMAGE_SCRIPT /* iPXE script image support */
#define IMAGE_BZIMAGE /* Linux bzImage image support */
//#define IMAGE_COMBOOT /* SYSLINUX COMBOOT image support */
//#define IMAGE_EFI /* EFI image support */
//#define IMAGE_SDI /* SDI image support */
//#define IMAGE_PNM /* PNM image support */
//#define IMAGE_PNG /* PNG image support */

./src/config/dhcp.h (change the dhcp time outs)
#define DHCP_DISC_START_TIMEOUT_SEC 4 /* as per PXE spec */
#define DHCP_DISC_END_TIMEOUT_SEC 32 /* as per PXE spec */

screenshot of debug dhcp and intel enabled output
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