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Keep track of last boot?
2011-12-14, 16:30
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RE: Keep track of last boot?
(2011-10-20 18:42)dpuckett Wrote:  Is there any way to keep track of the last booted OS? I want to configure iPXE to launch menu.c32 (this is working) but I want it to have a timeout where it boots to the same option that was last used. In other words if I was in Windows and perform a reboot I want it to come back up to Windows. It it was Linux come back up as linux. I am very new to all of this so by all means explain things as to a child. Smile

I would use the example on the ipxe website of a php handing out the configuration file, it is posible to send mac adress with your requist to the php and the php uses a database to keep track who booted in what.
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