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Lenovo ToolCenter img2a Exec Format Error
2017-09-20, 19:49
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RE: Lenovo ToolCenter img2a Exec Format Error
From the error page that you linked to:
Quote:If you are running a UEFI version of iPXE then only EFI binaries can be loaded. PXE binaries such as pxelinux.0 use legacy BIOS calls and can never work on UEFI.
If you are trying to load a Linux kernel (or other EFI binary) then you can use iPXE to load it directly; there is no need to load pxelinux.0 first.
To load anything in iPXE EFI land it must be a EFI binary. What you are trying to load was probably not build with EFI support and can't be loaded.
(I updated the above error page to try and make this even clearer)

My guess is that what you mean by "linux" is that you are refering to how it is booted in grub, which has some extra code to boot linux kernels that are not EFI executables. This however is unlikely to be supported in iPXE.

The fix would be to get a kernel with EFI support built in. Or maybe you could use some other kernel and then add the initramfs from the "tool kernel" as initrd.
And the last option would be to use a bunch of hacks to load grub which then in turn might be able to load your "tool kernel".

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