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Test Network Speed Before Boot?
2011-11-01, 04:41
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RE: Test Network Speed Before Boot?
(2011-10-31 11:47)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2011-10-31 05:31)hsuanyeh Wrote:  Is there a way to test the speed of network connections (particularly between the client and the server) using, for example, iPXE script commands? I find it very helpful if this can be done so that users can be informed of the estimated time required for a complete boot.

Yes; you could use the time command to time the download of a file of a known size.

iPXE will already display a percentage progress indicator while downloading files, which may be sufficient feedback for users anyway.



Thanks! I see that percentage progress indicator. Would it be possible to add just a little bit of information after the percentage progress, something like "10% of 30MB"?
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