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Another way to chainload iPXE from iPXE
2017-11-10, 21:57
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RE: Another way to chainload iPXE from iPXE
(2017-11-10 18:55)NiKiZe Wrote:

Reading that image you have "Could not start download: Operation not supported ("

To break down what you do:
You have an ipxe binary with embeded script that downloads ipxe and runs a downloaded script?
Why do you do this in the first place?

your line: kernel ipxe.lkrn initrd=boot.ipxe
will start ipxe.lkrn with initrd=boot.ipxe as argument and I'm skeptical to what it does in this case, just skip the "initrd=boot.ipxe" part instead to load the script that you put into memory on the separate initrd line

I have removed initrd=boot.ipxe parameter, but the behavior of ipxe.lkrn hasn't changed - Operation not supported
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