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Hangs on "initialising devices"
2012-01-04, 20:21 (This post was last modified: 2012-01-04 20:26 by IgniFerroque.)
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RE: Hangs on "initialising devices"
I wasn't able to find any DEBUG options that yielded any info.

This is all real hardware with no vms.

I just found this on the etherboot wiki for the RTL8111D (maybe the same as what I have?):

Quote:Realtek RTL8111D

gpxe undionly driver v1.0.1 hangs when “initialising devices…” (although the chipset declares Intel UNDI v2.1 capability upon boot).

How to Fix
Buy another NIC. Really. I tried two and both did never work reliably (link problems – either no link detected or DHCP answers missed – could be a firmware issue, but how do I fix the firmware when I need to boot with that NIC??).
The undionly solution seems to be broken with that chipset. Use r8169 driver instead.

Perhaps this is the same problem? Is there a known update in ipxe for this chipset?
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