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Simple HTTP Chainload scheme...
2011-12-20, 18:40
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RE: Simple HTTP Chainload scheme...
I still hate the fact that you get a infinite loop by default when chainloading. And because i keep changing my mind for home usage (just fooling around with it's possibilities), i don't want to embed a new script every time. So i wrote this.Blush

dhcp || goto retry_dhcp
iseq ${filename} undionly.kpxe && set filename ${filename}.script
chain ${filename}

this way you can break the loop in the dhcp server as discribed in the manuals, and if you have a dhcp server that does not have this option the embeded script will break it for you. I would be nice if the dhcp+autoboot that is run when there is no embeded script would have something like this because the loop is just stupid.Sad
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