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New NIC Drivers
2018-02-07, 21:33
Post: #6
RE: New NIC Drivers
Still not telling us which binary you are using in this particular case Sad
So EFI mode also visible by the NII driver in the ifstat output. (would have been nice to have that info in the first post Wink )
Thanks to the rtl driver being present as well you are probably using ipxe.efi in this specific case.

The NII driver is a standard interface in EFI mode for NICs, which means (if the MAC address matches) that the NII/SNP implementation _ON_ that nic is broken, so trying to get new firmware on those cards would probably be the first step if you just want them running.

Next is to build a good basic version of snponly.efi (which should only try to initialize the nic that it is chained via) with DEBUG flags enabled
So: make bin-x86_64-efi/snponly.efi DEBUG=nii,snp,snponly

Test that one and see what you get, and then you might be able to use that to get Aquantia to fix their firmware.

Developing a native driver for iPXE might be a different path, but should not rule out getting any firmware fixed as well.

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