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Problem with EFI PXE booting and the snponly.efi target
2013-12-02, 22:14
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RE: Problem with EFI PXE booting and the snponly.efi target
(2013-11-28 09:40)robinsmidsrod Wrote:  I believe there are some patches on the mailing-list that try to address these issues in snponly.efi. They have not been applied to mainline. Not sure why. I believe they are also applied on one or more branches in the xcat ipxe repo on

Also, loading ipxe.efi is broken, currently, and you need to load ipxe either as an .efirom or .efidrv. iPXE as an EFI application in general is currently broken. It is only snponly.efi (with the unofficial patches) that is known to be working at all.

Just one question that puzzles me with the above listing. Why are you trying to chain snponly.efi when you're already running iPXE?

It took me quite some time to find the patches to which you're referring, but I think they are the ones in the following post:

I applied those and snponly.efi seems to now be working correctly; I can now chain load other EFI programs. It sure would be nice if those patches could get applied upstream!

Chain loading snponly.efi (from snponly.efi) was just a simple test case that I was using while I was trying to figure out why iPXE could not chain load any other EFI programs. It's not my end goal. My end goal is to chain load grub.efi (from snponly.efi) which is now working correctly with the two patches applied to iPXE.
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