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Poll: All DHCP options in script are usefull?
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DHCP command incomplete
2011-12-20, 19:08
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DHCP command incomplete
Hi, i found that ipxe when using dhcp in a script does reject all dhcp-options that are not used by ipxe. My request is that it does not reject them because you can make good use of them in script. Let me give an example:

isset ${224} && ${224}

This script does not work because option 224 is rejected by ipxe. If it would not be rejected it would do:
1 a dhcp request
2 when option 224 would contain a valid command it would execute this command.
3 when there is nothing in option 224 it would autoboot.

You can test my idea by replacing ${224} with ${initiator-iqn} and put something usefull in your dhcp server sanboot string option like "chain http://myserver/boot.php". Only thing is we don't want to use ${initiator-iqn} for this but some user defined options (224 to 254).

So my idea is when you do a dhcp request make sure ALL (0-255) the dhcp-options you get from the dhcp server are available in script.
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