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DHCP command incomplete
2011-12-21, 07:33 (This post was last modified: 2011-12-21 07:47 by lstraath.)
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RE: DHCP command incomplete
I do not have the DHCP server you mention but i have the latest pfSense release where you can add every option you want in the gui. I added 224 however when i do something like this i see nothing.

echo ${224}

[Image: dhcp-options.png]

The URL in the note is the following page:

You talk about not requested by ipxe, would it be an idea to implement a switch for that? Something like: dhcp /all
The reason i ask is i can fill al the options i want in pfSense or any other DHCP server but i do not know i want to force the options because every dhcp package will grow maybe i only want to have everything exclusively for ipxe.
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