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paranoid chainloading script for flimsy tftp
2011-12-26, 11:19
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RE: paranoid chainloading script for flimsy tftp
You are right that the script language is very limited, i also found that building loops like:

dhcp || goto retry_dhcp
chain http://myserver/boot.php || goto retry_chain

can result in freezing the machine when a action fails to many times. When doing so on a virtual machine the end result is some loop in code causing 100% cpu when the machine freezes. When you limit the retries and put a reboot in it i got rid of the freezes. ipxe and gpxe before that are funny products with a lot of potential to get rid of the old pxe stack. However i get the idea that the community is too small and there are not enough developers to make it more mature yet. MCB30 is doing a great job but there is only so much one man can do.... Let's hope he reads this and likes the idea of more functionality in the script language;-)
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