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wimboot and uefi-boot
2018-03-23, 23:47
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wimboot and uefi-boot

I followed the instructions on this page for installing windows 7 on a non-uefi machine and its works flawlessly. Now I tried to adapt this for uefi, but I have a issue with the startup batch file.

My ixpe script
echo Windows 7 Installer wird gestartet
kernel ${boot-url}/wimboot pause
initrd ${boot-url}/installers/install_7.bat                           install.bat
initrd ${boot-url}/installers/winpeshl.ini                            winpeshl.ini
initrd ${boot-url}/_winpe8/${arch}/media/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/BCD       BCD
initrd ${boot-url}/_winpe8/${arch}/media/Boot/boot.sdi                boot.sdi
initrd ${boot-url}/_winpe8/${arch}/media/sources/boot.wim             boot.wim
boot || goto failed
goto start

As you can see I have an install_7.bat on my server with specific commands für the Windows 7 installation. With the initrd funtion it should be renamed to install.bat and then injected on the fly to the WIM. This procedure works well with undionly.kpxe, but fails with ipxe.efi. In the booted winpe the file is still named install_7.bat, so the call from winpeshl.ini doesn't work and the windows setup cannnot be started. Any idea what's wrong?

I would have liked to added some screenshots, but the forum software doesn't let me....
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