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iPXE over WAN with manual address
2018-04-09, 21:36
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RE: iPXE over WAN with manual address
(2018-04-09 16:40)NiKiZe Wrote:  An build of iPXE can have embeded scripts that does this, but how do you intend to configure client IPs? Because it sounds like you have multiple machines and having all of them using the same static IP would not be a good idea.

I suspect that you would still want to have DHCP to get IP, but then use the embedded script for all location and logic.

My suggestion is to first start with a proof of concept without any security at all, and then go from there adding "one layer at a time"

Each LAN has a default numbering of
The modem is with basic routing and dns.
The pcengine is
When iPXE boots the pcengine, it should just reach out
to the remote server using HTTPS.
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