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BSOD on windows 10 using iscsi and intel nuc
2018-04-10, 17:30 (This post was last modified: 2018-04-10 17:41 by Foxcolt.)
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RE: BSOD on windows 10 using iscsi and intel nuc
(2018-04-10 17:25)NiKiZe Wrote:  Essentially win10 iSCSI is broken, one issue is Lightweight Network Filter which needs to be reconfigured after driver install.
This is also an issue on some specfic builds during the installation of windows.

You mention no issue on regular PCs is that with Win10 and the sam build?

Correct the system I'm working on comprises of some 10 regular PC's and 3 NUC PC's, the OS install process goes fine on the regular PC's (I install the nic drivers after the OS images to the PC from WDS).

I even tried to install the intel drivers on the .wim image so they would be initialized during the windows install and that resulted on a BSOD when windows boots after it goes through initializing devices.

I also tried injected the drivers into my WinPE boot image and after doing so WDS could no longer see the attached iscsi disked that was chained.

Edit: I just checked with nvpsbind.exe and both the lower and upper Lightweight network filter's are disabled on the nics, looks like that happens automatically with windows 10 now.
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