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Error when attempting to set dhcp option variable
2018-05-26, 23:07
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RE: Error when attempting to set dhcp option variable
(2018-05-26 22:48)NiKiZe Wrote:  First i must ask what is ${ifname} and why are you not using netX instead?

Have you tried clearing the user-class before setting it?
But maybe you should check if it already is set and if so skip the extra dhcp step anyway?
Right now I don't have the time to dig much more, but will try to tomorrow if I remember.

If memory serves me right MEMMAP_SETTINGS is not an option relevant to EFI builds, only pcbios.

I was just following examples, ifname seems to be the active interface. i have only one NIC connected for my testing. The user-class variable is not set in the packet received by the client. The dhcp server is not sending it. I can add a test to see if is set but in that case I would want to change it regardless.

Can variables only be set once?
If so is this true when chaining to a new file that is not a new load, but just a and additional script?

I also got an error try to set the variable using the config util and it was displayed as "unassigned".

Should I set all variables with "dummy values" with the first ipse script that is embedded to reserve space? Then set and clear the variables/options as appropriate before issuing the dhcp request?

Thanks for the point on MEMMAP_SETTINGS.
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