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Boot CD via UEFI iPXE
2018-07-02, 03:10
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RE: Boot CD via UEFI iPXE
Hi, i'm in the same boat as you.
In my case i'm using a iscsi drive and sanboot does the trick, i use superboot cd that contains both legacy and efi bootable files, so it boots differently on each system.
but i am having a problem with sanboot in uefi , it's like my hardrives are gone...
i'm still investigating this.

(2018-06-11 13:00)AGB Wrote:  Hi everyone,

Im working on a project where i need to setup an UEFI PXE and i'm pretty blocked on something.

For my PXE, i would need something like Ultimate Boot CD or equivalent, with some tools like memtest and other of course.

I saw that in Legacy mode we use memdisk for boot an iso, but i didnt find an equivalent of memdisk in UEFI mode and as i saw we need to decompress kernel and load other stuffs for boot.

So yeah, my question was, is it even possible to load an Ultimate Boot CD (or something equivalent, maybe there is a boot CD that i don't know who works with UEFI PXE) in iPXE.

Thanks you in advance for your help,

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