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Unable to boot Broadcom NetExtreme Gigabit NIC (BCM5761)
2018-07-21, 09:03
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RE: Unable to boot Broadcom NetExtreme Gigabit NIC (BCM5761)
snponly.efi and/or undionly.kpxe should work (they are generic and uses UNDI/SNP/NII drivers provided from firmware), if not you are likely to have firmware/BIOS bugs and should report it to HP
You can find standard images built for those at

you should never have a "all drivers enabled" build with a .kpxe extension, (.kpxe should only be used with undionly)

Try to start iPXE, press ctrl-B at the first prompt which takes you into the iPXE shell.
here type
then upload that eighter as text, or as a screenshot (the forum does not allow uploads, so post it elsewhere and then add a link to the image here)

A quick search for "iPXE BCM5761" finds and also other links that shows that it is "supported" however we also do know that the tg3 driver which is involved, has a few issues, it is especially visible on iMacs which you can find a lengthy thread about in the forum.

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