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Windows 10 (1804) installation on iscsi device
2018-09-03, 02:24 (This post was last modified: 2018-09-03 18:05 by scratchy.)
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Windows 10 (1804) installation on iscsi device

im trieing since days(!) to get windows installation running on an iscsi target.

basicly what i followed this tutorial: "" but also googlet a lot and tried different things.

Im running into the same problem as "poekel"

I earlier stated that i had problems that had to do with -> Windows cannot be installed on this disk
I have solved that.......
Win 10 installs on the iscsi target but at the end i get a message that some MANDATORY driver CANNOT be INSTALLED

What i tried so far is quoted here:
Quote:To be honest im out of idears. I successfully installed windows 8, with this tutorial which worked out like a charm.

I upgraded those version 8 to 10 and it complained about a not signed driver (prob. the ethernet driver) and was not booting anymore (if i remember right) prob this is the whole issue whats it about?

I also tried other things like:
- Use another software as iscsi server - didnt helped

- Tried different versions of Windows 10 (1803,1706,1606) including their specifig WAIKs - didned helped

- Used physical Hardware / Different Virtualisations Software (Virtualbox/VMware) - didnt helped
- Attached a disk during installation but installed it to iscsi - didndt helped

- Modified ipxe to support only "undionly" -> didnt helped

- Tried to patch windowsPE (any version) with iscsicpl -> didnt get it running (?) maybe helps to connect it manual instead with ipxe do get the proper driver installed (?)

- Tried to attach different Hardware Nics -> didnt get it running

- Tried to install it with the same env on a local disk -> worked -> but didnt helped to solve this issue

- Tried to install windows 7 -> didnt worked because of missing signed driver

- Tried different versions of "wimload" -> either doesnt helped or doesnt started winPE

Do you have further idears maybe? I have on my list maybe to use EFI no clue if this helps out..

Can anybody help me out with this issue or does have any idear whats going on?


Figured out more:

If im using a Virtualbox Client and attach the disk via iscsi there (yeah thats possible, but only through cli), im able to install windows 10 without problems.
Later when i remove the iscsi from virtualbox and boot it 'normally' (still virtualbox as hypervisor but sanboot as ipxe feature) its booting from the network.

So somehow the Installer is maybe broken to let me install my things? Sad
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