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Windows 10 (1804) installation on iscsi device
2018-09-03, 18:03
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RE: Windows 10 (1804) installation on iscsi device
The link you are pointing to does the horrible thing of setting up an winpe iso that is booted via sanboot, there is much better tools for that - wimboot.

You have written on IRC - and I can respond there to try and help you - but it won't do much good if you leave the channel.

If instead what you want to do is install from a booted winpe - onto a iSCSI target that is a different matter that have had many getting gray hairs.
There have not been any (usefull) information given about what your environment is; (we need one specific case that we can work with, and the circumstances in that case, not mixed with anything else)
* What is the NIC you are using?
* Have you modified the winpe in any way (especially added drivers)
* Are the winpe from the same source as the installation files you are using?

After reading over what you have written once again, I'm quite sure that what you are seeing is the windows setup application starting and is unable to find any installation media.
What you have to do (and which is described on that site) is to open a prompt (press shfit+f10) and run wpeinit etc as described in and then you will have to mount a installation share.

I don't think anyone have or will be able to get a pure windows iso to sanboot and be available as an installation media, the reason being that network needs to be started properly before any iSCSI devices will be detected.

a few other notes:
* don't use set keep-san 1 - legacy and not needed
* don't use syslinux, iPXE should be able to do everything on it's own
* don't use memdisk - if you are than that probably explains your issues even more.

If nothing of this helps then post exact configuration, including NIC etc with pciid as described above, as well as iPXE scripts that you are using, a link to image with the screen that you are seeing with the error message. - The goal with the description should be that anyone can recreate your exact scenario, that way more people can reproduce and help you find a solution.

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