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iPXE can't boot UEFI mode via USB key
2018-12-07, 23:06
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RE: iPXE can't boot UEFI mode via USB key
(2018-12-07 07:30)daferret Wrote:  @woodrowshen Pardon my noobness to ipxe and pxe in general. I'm trying to do the opposite. I created a ipxe bootable usb image using make ipxe.efi and I am stuck trying to configure my pxe server to load uefi pxe images. Reading your thread, if I create a ipxe.usb image then I would be able to PXE boot using the legacy method?

The reason I'm using ipxe is because my new servers do not have a 1G onboard port to do pxe booting so I needed to use a usb ethernet dongle and the BIOS does not support this at this time. iPXE enables the usb ethernet dongle so it can be used to pxe, but I originally got a message saying that pxelinux.0 could not boot because of an exec format error. I researched and found that since I used efi boot image that I now need to use efi method to pxe. I'm trying to set up my pxe to boot efi but just haven't been able to get the right bits. I get a unable to fetch tftp image when using bootx64.efi. After reading your thread, it gives me hope that I can return back to using the legacy method.

My PXE server is running ubuntu and I'm trying to load CentOS on the client servers.

Thanks. Really appreciate any hints...again sorry if my message makes no sense due to my noobness.

You can not boot legacy code in efi mode, and you can not boot efi code in legacy mode.
You need to run the correct mode all the way - always!

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