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UEFI Boot Looping While Initializing Devices
2018-12-07, 02:31 (This post was last modified: 2018-12-07 02:45 by peek.)
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RE: UEFI Boot Looping While Initializing Devices
(2018-12-04 21:19)NiKiZe Wrote:  Ah, Report to DELL and ask them for a non broken firmware. Wink

Good luck on that approach !

The amount of issues I've encountered with PXE and/on IPv6 is ... insane.

Chainloading is the "quick 'n easy" solution, yet very dependent on IPv4 and TFTP, not excluding the vendors' "issues".

Flashing iPXE to the NIC would surely be the professional (and least time consuming) approach as to a more solid solution.

However, how does one "flash" / integrate iPXE efirom's on onboard NICs, such as the Intel NUC range ?

Very simple test I've used quite a few times to try different EFI's on difficult machines:

Copy the iPXE EFIROM i.e. "ipxe.efi" to a thumb drive formated FAT32.

Start the particular machine's Internal UEFI Shell.

Type "map -r" to list devices.

With only a USB drive attached, you can expect the drive to be "fs0"

Type "fs0:" to access the drive

Type "ls" to list the drives contents

Type "ipxe.efi" to execute the iPXE EFIROM from the thumb drive.

Depending on the rest of your setup, this could get a stubborn machine going....
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