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ipxe.lkrn from menu.c32
2012-01-27, 17:11
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RE: ipxe.lkrn from menu.c32

Thanks for your information.
PXE environment is used in virtual system. I boot real hardware very rarely.

Now I try the next config with VMware+VBox+KVM (qemu):
Booting the normal pxelinux.0 (3.86). I got a menu (with menu.c32).
From the menu I can choose some not local file loading (usually HTTP) with ipxe.lkrn where the kernel option is: dhcp && name_of_the_ipxe_script.

It seems working. Of course I tried out many combinations which aren't working. I think it is my failure because I don't know exactly when and how the boot process is happening (for example if I want to boot from a remote iso over HTTP and memdisk).

I would like to read some HowTo or WiKi about making ipxe roms for VMware (for Win), VBox (it is very hard using correct expansion (pxe)rom) and KVM (it is the best documented, maybe it is enough for me and in the last version ipxe rom is default).

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