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boot iPXE iso problems
2019-02-17, 21:26 (This post was last modified: 2019-02-17 21:44 by NiKiZe.)
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RE: boot iPXE iso problems
(2019-02-17 19:29)jordiguerrero Wrote:  Before I executed make, the iso was created, then when I executed:
$ bin/ipxe.iso
It said:
make: `bin/ipxe.iso` is up to date

I tested with Ubuntu 14.04 and now it works.

I made some test with Ubuntu 18.04, no one make an iso that boot pxe, but every test made with Ubuntu 14.04 works.

I can create the iso, for me it's ok, but maybe, we have to report the bug to developers.

So no changes during build which means it shouldn't need change.
However one thing to double check is that the system clock is correct.

There mailinglist is the best places to look if anything like this has already been reported, I do know that there is issues with new gcc, but that generally results in build errors.

I might be blind, but I'm not seeing any information on what actually happens when you try to boot this (except for "it dosn't work" which isn't really helpful to try and understand what is going on Wink )

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Are relevant error urls and PCIIDs included?
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