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boot iPXE iso problems
2019-02-18, 17:51
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RE: boot iPXE iso problems
(2019-02-17 21:49)NiKiZe Wrote:  
(2019-02-17 21:38)jordiguerrero Wrote:  
(2019-02-17 21:26)NiKiZe Wrote:  I might be blind, but I'm not seeing any information on what actually happens when you try to boot this (except for "it dosn't work" which isn't really helpful to try and understand what is going on Wink )

Sorry for that, it doesn't show any error, just boot from hard disk...

At least explain this clearly,
So when you boot the Ubuntu 18.01 generated ipxe.iso it fails with just booting harddrive instead? if you however replace that iso with one generated elsewhere it works and showing iPXE booting?

Are you sure that is the only change between boots? boot order, or information on the harddrive might affect things, for example in many cases hdd boot is tried first, in the case of nothing on the disc it will try the next boot option.

Even if iPXE itself is built incorrectly and not working (in practice that is ipxe.lkrn) at least the iso should start and show isolinux, if it doesn't it might be syslinux or cdrecord packages that is causing the issues. Any chance you could try to boot the generated ipxe.lkrn instead?

Yes it fails with just booting harddrive instead ipxe iso.

Finally when I tried to modify the default ipxe.iso I found the error:
cp: missing destination file operand after 'bin/iso.dir.oKHL7p'
Try 'cp --help' for more information.
genisoimage: Uh oh, I cant find the boot image 'isolinux.bin' !
rm bin/ipxe.lkrn.zbin bin/version.ipxe.lkrn.o bin/ipxe.lkrn.bin bin/ipxe.lkrn.zinfo

I didn't the detect de error, because make generated a lot of information without a clear error. And I was confuse, because with Ubuntu 14.04 I can use the bin/ipxe.iso that create the first make (without need to use make bin/ipxe.iso command)

I read some possible solutions to this error, but I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 to generate my ipxe.iso, which works perfectly.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.
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