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How to flash UEFI BIOS with iPXE?
2019-02-26, 19:58 (This post was last modified: 2019-02-26 20:26 by engineer7.)
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RE: How to flash UEFI BIOS with iPXE?
I configured the BIOS to boot to the UEFI Built in Shell and placed the .efi on a USB drive. Then at the prompt enter:

Running this starts a new shell successfully
Update: I was able to run the chain Shell.efi command successfully now. It might have been a network hiccup on the first run or two.
Thank you! After successfully running initrd and chain I'm greeted with a working shell.

However, I'm trying to edit/rename files in the shell which yields a "cannot move to or from a read-only file or directory FS2:\fdt.efi"

Is it possible to enable read/write access on FS2:\ in the shell?
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