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loading kernel with secure boot
2019-03-11, 15:12
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RE: loading kernel with secure boot
(2019-03-06 01:43)NiKiZe Wrote:  How did you sign the efi build of iPXE?
is kernel and iPXE signed by different keys, or the same?

iPXE just sends the binary to the EFI firmware which does the verification, so it must be that the firmware somehow denies this.
I also think that this can be seen in the error code returned - could you please post the _full_ error message you get from iPXE (this includes the url) please make sure you post the message - and not the resulted redirected url.

Thank for your reply.
I signed the efi build of Ipxe with sbsign --key "path to key" --cert "path to cert" "path to ipxe efi".
The kernel and the ipxe efi are both signed with the same key. If I try to boot the same kernel (downloaded from the server) from a USB stick it works.

The error message I get: "Could not select: Exec format error (".

I hope this helps.
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