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loading kernel with secure boot
2019-03-14, 15:11
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RE: loading kernel with secure boot
Thanks for the hint.
The Problem is the kernel is not recognized as efi file due to security police (, so this explains why this is only happening with secure boot.
I copied the kernel on my EFI partition and used the efi shell to start it. It worked without a problem.

The script I'm running is:
initrd nfs://"server_ip":/data/tftp/zdv-live-secure/tftpboot/live/initrd.img
chain nfs://"server_ip":/data/tftp/zdv-live-secure/tftpboot/live/vmlinuz initrd=initrd.img boot=live components nosplash netboot=nfs nfsroot="server_ip":/data/tftp/zdv-live/zdv-live locales=de_DE.UTF-8,en_US.UTF8 keyboard-layouts=de,us noautologin timezone=Europe/Berlin

The hole process uses shim and a MOK keys to verify the files.
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