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iPXE boot Ubuntu 18.04 LUN
2019-03-20, 11:44
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RE: iPXE boot Ubuntu 18.04 LUN
Thanks @MultimediaMan,

I managed to boot from iPXE to the Ubuntu LUN by installing it from scratch the the iSCSI LUN using the Ubuntu Server installer!

I have seen another issue since though in that I assumed I could simply clone the LUN (on my Synology NAS) and then add a new iPXE menu to also boot to that new LUN... it connects to the new LUN, loads Ubuntu Grub but then when selecting “Ubuntu”, it then drops the new LUN and boots from the old (Original) LUN?

I’ve raised this issue over at Ubuntu Forums at the following URL but wonder whether this is something to do with iBFT and whether the old (and therefore cloned new LUN) contain some metadata which points to the old LUN target at boot?

Just wondered whether you had come across something similar before?
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