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"try to free memory without signature"
2019-06-05, 09:46 (This post was last modified: 2019-06-05 10:39 by dcnieho.)
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RE: "try to free memory without signature"
Thanks for that tip. I have already tried resetting BIOS, reflashing it, etc.

The machine (and all the others) do boot from undionly.kpxe from When i drop to shell and issue ifstat, I notice that there is a difference between the undionly.kpxe supplied with clonedeploy and the one i just downloaded. the clonedeploy one is a bit over 300kb and ifstat reports "using i210 on PCI02:00:0" whereas the fresh undionly.kpxe reports "using undiononly on 0000:02:00:0"

So i (randomly) guess quite some custom config went into the clonedeploy-supplied one (and perhaps the file is misnamed?). I'll try to build a clean undionly as i need to embed a script i think. Will report back (and would be happy to hear your insight with this new info)

Ok, i have built undionly.kpxe with an embedded script.
This one works fine:


But this one does not:

chain pxelinux.cfg/default.ipxe

I get after the dhcp command completed fine (it seems).
If i use a freshly self-compiled undionly without embedded script, get stuck in a boot loop, break to shell and issue the above two commands manually, things work fine. My DHCP server does provide a next server. How would I debug this? / Do you have a hunch what may be up?

Thanks a lot!
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