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ipxe windows boot issue on 2nd interface
2019-12-18, 18:42 (This post was last modified: 2019-12-18 18:43 by rajeshsg.)
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RE: ipxe windows boot issue on 2nd interface
(2019-11-10 07:09)rajeshsg Wrote:  
(2019-11-07 07:24)rajeshsg Wrote:  
(2019-11-06 22:53)NiKiZe Wrote:  Again, have you tried installing with "net0" disabled?
You have also excluded information about what these nics are, pciids are always helpful, maybe it is a driver issue (which seems to be common when reading other threads about iSCSI booting windows)

Thanks, NiKiZe. I will post with some more testing today.

The following document specifies that NDI filters (mainly NDIS LWF driver for my purpose) can be disabled from registry:

which may solve my issue. But, seems that never version of Windows (Windows 2016 server) don't export that registry value, even adding new one doesn't have any effect on the behavior. That's why I was trying to modify c:\windows\inf\wfplwfs.inf file as per:

HKR, Ndi,FilterRunType,0x00010001 ,0x00000002

to change the behavior, but that cannot be modified on a running system, gives the obvious "Access is denied" error.

Any hints on how to modify "FilterRunType" on a running system without going into rescue mode, for Win2k16 server?

The issue turned out to be changed PCI ID. After matching PCI IDs (PCI slot numbers) of the NICs to the original existing NIC PCI IDs (PCI slot numbers), things worked fine.
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