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chainloading (undionly.kpxe) ipxe is failing.
2019-12-16, 04:45
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RE: chainloading (undionly.kpxe) ipxe is failing.
(2019-12-13 18:26)NiKiZe Wrote:  
(2019-12-13 07:17)vpnchoudhary Wrote:  
(2019-12-12 21:19)NiKiZe Wrote:  I will again suggest that you use ctrl+b and run dhcp manually
Follow that with ifstat and check if you have any packages sent.

You can then follow that with config, and check that you have proper filename (and maybe next-server as well if filename don't include protocol)

Seems like once undionly is loaded into memory the network stack stop working. dhcp command was working before loading undionly but it stop working after loading undionly. Refer the screenshot. Used ctrl + b to break into shell cmd and then manually chainloaded undionly.!AnspKd67W4R2ghtQ0ytgIZYMGcNZ

Some info from image:
ctrl+b are pressed after getting "Nothing to boot: No such file or directory (
No more network devices"

this is followed by:
iPXE> boot http://xxx.xx.146.175/boot/xxxxx-dev02i.xxxxxx1.ipxe
http://xxx.xx.146.175/boot/xxxxx-dev02i.xxxx.1.ipxe... Network unreachable (
iPXE> dhcp

Please note that I asked you (several times) to run ifstat,
and also run config. (Is there any particular reason that you are thinking that these commands are unnecessary and won't give you any information? Or why are you not running these!?)

You should also read the error urls that are shown here. This clearly tells you that your dhcp server config is incorrect, which you also suggested, well that is fine but autoboot won't be able to run your setup, so you have to ctrl-b, dhcp, chain. Is because you don't have any route that works for the xxx.xx.146.175 ip

Running config would tell you what is configured.

but again run ifstat, to make sure that you get both working TX and RX packets.

Looking at this image i see nothing that suggests that there is something wrong, other than some incorrect configurations. But then again, it is missing vital information to be sure (ifstat output)

I did executed commands ifstat, route and config. but similar to dhcp I see no result from those commands.
Before applying undionly driver these commands worked fine but after loading undionly I didn't get any result from these command.
On this machine, ipxe is already enabled so when I reboot into pxe mode, I can break into ipxe and execute those commands. But these is my test machine and I am using it to test chainloading so that I can apply this solution to all of my machines irrespective whether they support ipxe or not.
Do you still think its dhcp config ?
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