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initramfs v. sanhook
2011-04-26, 19:26
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RE: initramfs v. sanhook
(2011-04-26 14:52)mcb30 Wrote:  
(2011-04-25 16:38)hsuanyeh Wrote:  Do we still need to patch in an iSCSI initiator (e.g., open-iscsi), if the iSCSI target is sanhooked before booting?

Yes. Linux (along with essentially all operating systems except DOS) requires a native iSCSI initiator and network card drivers. It can't use the INT13 interface provided by iPXE.

Linux can make use of the iBFT and EDD information to identify the iSCSI disks that were hooked by iPXE, but it still needs a native initiator (e.g. open-iscsi) in order to connect to them.

Has anyone done patches to those major Linux distros, such as Debian, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE etc.? It is not very easy from a user's perspective to manually configure open-iscsi into the kernel. Fedora installer gets it done nicely, but it locks the MAC address...
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