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Problems with burning firmware Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection
2012-02-15, 22:39
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Problems with burning firmware Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection
Hi everyone,

I've a Toshiba Satellite SA40 serie with a Intel Pro/100 VE Network Connection on board integrated.
Since I want to reinstall Windows XP after a harddrive crash and I discovered that my CDROM burner not good inoperable when I was installing Windows and other systems. This notebook/laptop isn't able to boot from USB and I've no external floppy drive.

OK, I've a option to boot from network with PXE but for me not so successful, of course I want to use LiveCD's too.
And decide to setup an iSCSI server from Starwind Software (already working).

I've also tried to boot iso files from PXE (with tftpd64 and grub4dos) and they will load in the first stage, but they lost them when the kernel is loaded. Maybe I see something about the head, but I don't think this belongs here. Dodgy

In the first place I've visited sites as and and saw directly that those software isn't under development and now I'm here arrived.

After reading how to build a rom-image, I was thinking it's possible to build one under windows with MinGW (gcc 4.6), but without any success and find another solution and found something on this forum.

After installing Virtualbox and Centos 6.2 (with updates of course) was it possible to build an rom-file.

And after that, how to find the vendor id and device id, search on the net again, ok vendor id (8086 for Intel) wasn't so difficult but to find the right device id was exciting. Found some website but without any success. In the first place was the device id 1032 but after burning/flashing with Intel Ethernet Flash Firmware Utility (bootutil (DOS)) I got a message
that I had a wrong rom file. Ok, what now?

Look around the net for a next solution, I decide to download a small linux boot disk with a minimum of tools on it (2.88mb). With lspci to find out which device id have my nic and it told me a 103d, ok no problem and build a new rom file called 8086103d.rom.

Try again to flash them with Intel Ethernet Flash Firmware Utility (v1.2.105.0).
But after a couple of seconds, no success again, I get this message "Flash on LOM device not supported on port 1".

Search the net again, and can't find a good solution.

So, I hope that someone can help me here??

Thanks in Advance.

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