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iPXE ignoring DHCP ACKs
2011-05-12, 09:25
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RE: iPXE ignoring DHCP ACKs
I'm not sure what is going on here, since I don't use VLAN features at all, but if you provide the packet trace (create an attachment) someone else might be able to help you out.
After you have done the DHCP command and seen it time out, you should provide the full output from the ifstat command, to verify how many packets have been sent and received. It is also useful to specify how you load iPXE (chainloading, rom-burned, usb/cd/floppy-loaded) and which network card you're using (VENDOR+PCI ID). If you have multiple network cards in the machine, that could also be relevant.

Almost forgot; which version/commit of iPXE are you using?
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