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can ipxe boot a FreeBSD kernel?
2012-03-02, 20:09
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RE: can ipxe boot a FreeBSD kernel?
(2012-03-02 19:35)mcb30 Wrote:  From memory, and quite possibly inaccurate:

32-bit FreeBSD kernels are Multiboot-compliant, which allows them to be booted by iPXE. 64-bit kernels are not, and require a dedicated FreeBSD bootloader.

Does it work if you use another intermediate bootloader such as pxelinux.0 to load the FreeBSD kernel?


In fact I am trying to boot a 64bit kernel.
And no, it doesn't work if I use another intermediate loader.
The only way to load the 64bit kernel seems to be FreeBSDs pxeboot. I didn't try a 32bit version and I can't try it right now because I don't have a 32bit installation ready.
So this seems to be a no-go right now? Any chance this will be possible in the future? I'm not a coder but willing to help if I can.

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