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request compiled efi binaries
2012-03-28, 04:04
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RE: request compiled efi binaries
I will try with ferdora core 16 64bit later on.

Yes the idea is to make a bootable EFI usb pen (for Macbook) to launch iPXE. Have a few sites that I am testing this, the idea being boot from a USB pen in order to initiate pxe booting to our pxelinux menu. Currently we boot from a bootable CD (isolinux) and select ipxe option. This boots ipxe on macbooks which then finds the pxemenu. We can run clonezilla to do imaging or launch linux distros like parted magic.

It will be interesting if pxelinux actually supports EFI. If it doesn't work then I will try later and continue to use the ipxe from boot CD option.
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