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Odd problem with HPE smart array and sanboot
2021-03-16, 11:58
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RE: Odd problem with HPE smart array and sanboot

I must admit that in someway I'm glad to have some response.
Anyway the original question is still unanswered.
Why CTRL+B + sanboot works while just executing sanboot doesn't work ?

About "sanboot --no-describe --drive 0x80" maybe the problem is on MAAS developer side (Ubuntu Canonical) since the script comes from the unpatched code of MAAS and it's used for booting locally iPXE installation.

Last, still glad to hear that our g6 (+100) are unsupported and dangerous rubbish, maybe out there people expose ILO to public network or whatever, maybe someone is so extremely generous to make us a donation to swap that trash with brandnew g10.

Technically, enlisting, commissioning e deploying process are provided by MAAS, scripting something to control IPMI is still not possible out of the box, patching the snap of maas is quite a pain, a workaround is in production but those 2 line patch (one in each file) are still annoying to maintain.

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