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menu.c32 from iPXE
2018-05-25, 15:58
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RE: menu.c32 from iPXE
(2018-05-25 07:02)NiKiZe Wrote:  But what is you usecase for menu.c32, using the iPXE native menu system should be what you want, or is it some particular use case that forces you to use the old syslinux menusystem?

Currently I try to migrate our old pxeboot systems from pxelinux to iPXE, and it will be nice to re-utilize all existing menu and submenus.
Also, I prefer to have ability to edit boot parameters from this menu.
I know, that for iPXE it is not config, but script, and I can add something with "read ${var}". But "add something" is not equal to "add, modify or erase something".
Also, i miss some "hints" functionality (like MENU TABMSG for menu.c32) - when user highlight some item, show him a short description about this item (and probably to have similar descriptions for the whole menu/submenu as well, "item --gap" is not the same).
Also, time to time I import content of some ISO images to pxe servers, and it is very easy to adopt isolinux menu for pxelinux. Usually just copy-paste.
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