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[solved] [renamed] DHCP timeout from Realtek 8139 card
2013-04-29, 17:21
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RE: [renamed] DHCP timeout from Realtek 8139 card
I would suggest you build with DEBUG=realtek:3 and put tcpdump -s 0 -w dump.pcap running on your DHCP server. That should allow you to open up the file in wireshark later and see what kind of traffic is being seen from the perspective of the DHCP server together with the debug output (which you probably capture via serial console). If possible, putting a cross-over cable between the ipxe client and DHCP server is probably a good way to minimize where the problem might be.

You have most likely found a bug in the new (compared to gPXE) realtek driver with regards to how you embed it in your BIOS. I noticed you came online on IRC some days ago looking for answers. It might help if you try to wait a bit more than 6 minutes for a response before you leave the channel.
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