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[solved] Load an ISO over HTTP using iPXE?
2012-10-12, 06:53
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RE: Load an ISO over HTTP using iPXE?
Just chiming in on this one, you don't need to be running a san 'per se'. It just uses the san interface to load the ISO over http.

examples from robinsmidsrob include the following:

# Start Windows 7 installer DVD
sanboot --no-describe --drive 0x81 ${boot-url}/windows-7/ultimate-x64.iso || goto failed
goto start

sanboot --no-describe ${boot-url}/macrium-5.0/macrium-5.0-rescue-winpe-3.1.iso || goto failed
goto start

Both of those examples are booting ISO's over http without loading them into a local memdisk first. The boot-url variable would usually be the address for your webserver. ie: http://bootserver.local

Otherwise load it into a memdisk if you've got plenty of ram.
initrd ${boot-url}/windows-7/winpe-x64.iso
chain ${boot-url}/memdisk iso raw || goto failed
goto start

the examples are actually pretty comprehensive if you read through them. the memdisk option requires taking the memdisk from the syslinux file set.

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