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[solved] Load an ISO over HTTP using iPXE?
2012-10-13, 01:26
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RE: Load an ISO over HTTP using iPXE?
(2012-10-12 21:09)stefanlasiewski Wrote:  Great! Exactly what I need. I can now load the iso over HTTP. Now I just need to figure my way through memdisk/syslinux issues. I read that some people use grub4dos instead of memdisk.

> Just chiming in on this one, you don't need to be running a san 'per se'. It just uses the san interface to load the ISO over http.

Ah! I see, it is called 'sanboot' but it doesn't require a san at all. I just used it to load a 200MB boot .iso over the LAN. Excelent!

> the examples are actually pretty comprehensive if you read through them. the memdisk option requires taking the memdisk from the syslinux file set.

Yes, they are. And thanks again for the example. It's just hard to wrap my head around the concepts.

You can also look into different distributions, and they will usually offer instructions on how to load their installers over PXE. For example, I setup Debian AMD64 and i386 installers following their directions. Especially if they offer it without requiring a NFS share, it normally loads everything via the initrd.
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