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Netboot and iPXE
2012-07-27, 22:37
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Netboot and iPXE
I'm fairly new to iPXE and what all it can do, but it looks like a great system and I'm working to integrate it into FOG for imaging computers over a network. On the PC side my initial testing works great, but I'm coming up against the giant hassle of Mac's. At this point FOG does not support Mac imaging, but we're working toward making this a possibility.

The problem is booting over the network to our linux image for the actual imaging process. Since Mac's can't natively PXE boot I've been trying to figure out a good workaround for getting them into iPXE. To keep things as simple as possible I would rather stay away from having to add anything to the Mac's to make them work, so I'm looking into how I can make iPXE into an acceptable netboot image. My first thought was to just convert ipxe.iso to a bootable DMG, but that failed (Mac doesn't see it as a mountable system?). At this point I'm looking for any suggestions or input on how to get the Mac's into iPXE. I've spent some time searching around and it looks like some people have tried booting with the iPXE efi, but with mixed results and not clearly documented.

Again, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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