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DHCP passing options/variables to iPXE
2012-08-15, 13:57
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RE: DHCP passing options/variables to iPXE
(2012-08-14 14:45)mcb30 Wrote:  As a follow-up note, you should also be able to use custom encapsulated options. For example:

option space myopts;
option my-encap-opts code 128 = encapsulate myopts;
option myopts.scriptname code 1 = string;

option myopts.scriptname "http://bla/script.ipxe";

and then, from within iPXE:

echo ${128.1:string}


Think i might re-tweak things a bit now i know that. Was up to 3 variables being passed for different purposes.

You mentioned earlier dhcp options 128-135 were locally definable, do you now what the limit is using encapsulation? 1-255?

The three variables so far for anyone thats curious are base-url, nfs-ip, and dev-menu - using iseq to display an extra menu entry if dev menu is set to 'yes'. Smile it gives me somewhere to test new tools with and then just relocate in script to enable for everyone else.

Thanks again.
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